About me:

IMG_1595.jpgWelcome! My name is Cindy M. Rios, born in the wonderful city of Chicago, Illinois, and spent the majority of my years in the peaceful town of Fort Meade, Florida. My love for art is great. Growing up as a kid, I spent my time drawing fictional characters and took pictures through my Kodak camera when I would go out. Being young, I’m still unsure of a career choice, but my only interest is the different fields relating to art. Like mentioned, I clearly love drawing and photography, but I’m also interested in digital illustration, photoshop, dance, performance, painting, sculpting, etc… I love learning. What I can say for now, I am highly skilled when it comes to photography. I have taken photography classes, AP 2D art, Intro to Graphic Arts, and I go out to take pictures and edit them on my free time. In this world, I don’t believe in limiting yourself. I love exploring new things and gaining knowledge. I am aware of my interests, but there’s still more to learn.


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