The Beginning

First Dream

If you were to ask me what my dream job was back then during my elementary years, I would respond with “veterinarian.” Did I give such a response because I loved MY pets? As time passed by, I came to the realization that I was not much of an animal person. I hated the responsibilities of being a pet owner, and I did not love many animals. Then again of course, people are unsure of what careers they want to pursue when they are younger, and are in the stage of gaining new interests. How did I first gain an interest in art? Well it all started when I saw scrolling through YouTube, and came across an anime show called Naruto.

Ninjas caught my heart960

I’ve known about the show months before I decided to give it a try. That is why I am disappointed to say that I only gave it a chance because of boredom. Funny how I was able to quickly become interested in this anime about ninjas. So even to now, I’ve been hooked on the show for over eight years. I loved that the show consists of numerous characters with their own distinct personalities and backgrounds. Also, compared to the previous “cartoons” that I’ve watched, I loved the design of this show. And for the first time, I felt like I was watching a cartoon with a real plot. I became so obsessed that I wanted to create my own characters. So I did.

And the drawing begins

It was during my seventh grade year where I would remember coming home from school and went straight to drawing. I created my own characters, but because of my love for Naruto, I made them into ninjas.  I was young, and my dream was basically to create my own show. The first character I created was Kimiko. She was the main protagonist, and I thought of her of someone I wished to be. I then created eight more characters around the same age group. Each of them looked different from one another, and I gave them different personalities. Eventually, I got bored of only having nine characters. At the time, my drawing skills have improved, which is why I upgraded their appearances. My goal before my eight grade year was over, was to complete drawing ALL the characters. I managed to create over thirty more characters. I even created villains as well. The most fun about this, was giving them personalities. Also, I enjoyed giving each character their own look.


I always thought my reality was dull. I felt happiest when I was drawing out characters. I was creating a world where I wish that I could’ve been a part of. And I had favoritism over Kimiko because I wanted to be a hero like her. Unfortunately, the only reality I can get from this is to actually work hard to make my dream show real.


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