Ideas at the last minute

First troubles

I’ve never created a 3D object before on a computer until 2 weeks ago. At first, I was excited, but was confused on how to use Cinema 4d lite. My first mistake was that I wanted to model a human. I could’ve gotten creative, and create my own unique character, but nothing came to mind at the time. Nothing but frustration built during the first day, because my figure did not look close to a human. I gave up and went for something more simple, an egg. I was disappointed with my last minute decision that day.


My Character

The next day at class, I practiced perfecting the egg shape. This helped me get a better understanding on how to work with deformers. Even though an egg is a simple creation, I did struggle a bit to give him the remaining body parts. The eyes were the most complicated. Luckily for me, I was able to create a decent looking Egg Man, but I was yet not satisfied.



The next step after creating a model, we had to create a scene. At first I had nothing in mind. All I really did was add a sky and a landscape. Because I was still unsure about what I wanted, I was practicing creating backgrounds. After adding texture to the landscape, it hit me. The character was already an original because it didn’t exist anywhere else, so why not create it’s own story? I added more eggs to the scene, and made my Egg man more superior. By doing that, I decided to create a scene where he was being abducted. But why was he abducted? Because him and the remaining eggs are from Planet egg, and the time finally came where humans needed eggs. It doesn’t have to make sense, but anything can happen in the 3D realm.


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