New things along the way

Dumb Assumptions.

For the third week of this course, we are learning how to animate. Knowing about this ahead of time, I was worried that it would be difficult to learn. Mr. Williams, like always, showed us the basics of animation before we could start learning on our own. After his lecture, I sat in front of the computer not knowing what to do. I then created a shape, and played around with the timeline on the bottom of the screen. I managed to get simple movements, but wanted to learn how to do more. Mr. Williams showed me how to add key frames and edit them in the timeline found in the window. After seeing him create motions up close, I had a better understanding on how to work in the timeline.


Slowly getting there

I spent the remaining of the day creating different animations. By practicing I was able to get a better understanding on how the time is important. I also learned how to change the color, rotate an object, and change the size. I do not have a clear understanding on how those things exactly work, but being able to learn this in one day makes me happy. Unlike the previous weeks, 3D has somewhat grown on me. Since I have a good understanding of what I’ll be dealing with, I have an idea on what type of animation to add to my scene. There’s still more to learn, and I look forward to what Mr. Williams has to share. I am just glad that my work is slowly getting better, and with after the animation is added, I know that I will be satisfied with my completed project.


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