Dreamweaver vs TextEdit

Think of it like this, TextEdit is your dad who tries to be hip, but Dreamweaver is the cool uncle. Dreamweaver has a completely different design compared to TextEdit, but they both have similar functions. At first I thought TextEdit was simple, but it’s very hard to get into it when you want to design. That’s why I now currently prefer Dreamweaver because it makes designing more useful.

One of my favorite things about Dreamweaver is using CSS, it helps keep the info in the source code more organized. On TextEdit, you’re basically going to put the design and info all in the same code area. Dreamweaver helps you keep them apart, but in link. Before using CSS, my first assumption was that it would be more difficult because I had no idea where the code would be linked. But turns out that didn’t matter much.

One of my favorite things to use of Dreamweaver is the CSS panel. It made everything so much easier!! Messing around in the properties areas allowed me to see what I would like to add on my page. It helped me visually. I’m not too familiar with pixels or percentages or whatever, so typing random numbers did help out with how I positioned my work. I am a designer, I WANT to see how my design changes while I’m working on it. And Dreamweaver allowed me to see that happened, making it a more useful tool for me instead of TextEdit.


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