Dying my hair

Mom’s an influence

I realize that most of my interests start at such an early age. Before entering middle school, my mom’s gray hairs started to show. She wanted to cover that, so she finally decided to buy hair dye. I was excited for her, especially since I’ve never seen the process of the change in colors. I went to the bathroom with her, and kept pestering her to let me try it out myself. I was a dark brunette, I wanted something else. Unfortunately I was just a kid and wasn’t allowed to. I did try however. I put the remaining of the hair dye on my hair. Not very wise. Once I was in middle school, my mom did let me try it out. I went from a dark brunette to a golden brown. Thinking about it, it looked ugly on me. But at the time I was happy because my hair was a different color. The experience was different.

Trying new things


I hated my natural hair. It was too long and thick. I wanted to be one of those girls who put their hair down, without looking like a witch. I couldn’t do that, I had it up in a ponytail for ages. Once I was going into high school, I decided to cut it off. Was it the nicest hair cut? No, but it was a start. After that, I wanted to explore new styles. I easily got bored with only one hair style. I eventually decided to do something crazy and go for purple hair. It was a risk. I didn’t know how my parents would’ve reacted, and who knows if it would’ve looked nice. I still went for it. I received countless compliments and the style suited me. My mom even accepted it, she didn’t think of me being any less of a person. I was even happy with how it look, but I did get bored. I then got into the habit of dyeing my hair. I went to pink next, blue, green, brown, red, orange, and so on. I even forgot, but I had so many colors in such a short time. My problem was that I was young, and did not know how to take care of my hair.

Do I regret it?


It got to the point where before my senior year, I had to cut it all off. I did it because it was for the best. I then felt so insecure. Short haircuts are not ugly, there are women who can pull it off. I could not however. I felt uglier than ever, makeup barely helped. After two months, I started to love my short hair. It was easy to take care of it, and apparently made me look younger. I wanted my hair to grow out healthy, but I was impatient. After six months, I went back to my old habits. I decided to go for blonde, because that’s the only color I never had. I should’ve waited, but it was tough. Going blonde was a long process, and still is. Since it was even expensive, I decided to keep it for over a year. If I wanted to go for a funky color, I would just wear wig. I love wigs, they helped control my habit of changing my hair. Being at this age, 20, I am more careful with my hair. Do I still want to try out new things with my hair? Of course! I currently have pink hair, which i’m happy about. There’s nothing wrong with trying new things out, just as long as you’re careful. Pink is not my last stop, I’m going to continue on.


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