Fashion Illustration

I was hit with the question “What sector of Illustration will you enjoy the most?” Ummmm what? How can I give an answer when I’m unsure myself. Thankfully after reading “The Fundamentals of Illustration” I know I can answer that question now.

I happen to adore fashion! Once again, at a point I wanted to be a fashion designer. Damn, I really have a majority of career options. I’ll be honest, I had no idea Fashion Illustration was even a thing. Yes I am aware of the sketches, but that’s it. Now i’m upset with not knowing about this any sooner, but I am glad that I recently learned about it. So, what sector of illustration will I enjoy the most? I’m going with fashion illustration.

It’s a perfect combination! Illustration, fashion, I love it! Every fashion company needs a fashion illustrator. And each company has their own style. Even though following a trend will sell more, a fashion illustrator should still create something new and original. It’s a challenging job, but the fact that an outfit will most likely come to life means it’ll be worth it to me.





How I feel about Illustration nowadays

Keeping it old fashioned

I spent the majority of my free time as a child drawing, and that hobby of mine is what made me want to be an animator. The only problem was that I only knew how to create characters through paper and pencil not computer. It is 2017, most illustrations are shared from computer programs, that ruined my hopes.

Digital Illustration

I was introduced to Adobe Illustrator on September 2017. I was excited to use it at first, but turns out that I did not like the program. It was different from paper and pencil. I struggled using the pen tool, and it was hard to keep the brush tool steady. Because I got to experience what it was like to create illustrations digitally, I began to admire most illustrations. I’m referring to the simplest creations. Because art has developed, it is not easy to create something incredible digitally. And making a career out of it is by far even more incredible. I’m still learning more about the program, and my hatred has decreased for certain. The things I’ve created, simple. And I’m totally fine with that. I still love drawing by hand, but this is a nice change. And with more practice, my art will improve.

Use of a pencil

The use of a pencil is what defines the practice of illustration today. High school days I took drawing classes, and now in college I’m taking an illustration class. Learning about digital illustration isn’t something you learn in a day. It takes lots of time, and a series of classes. Otherwise, there wouldn’t even be art schools. Drawing has many uses, therefore it has to be taught.