Fashion Illustration

I was hit with the question “What sector of Illustration will you enjoy the most?” Ummmm what? How can I give an answer when I’m unsure myself. Thankfully after reading “The Fundamentals of Illustration” I know I can answer that question now.

I happen to adore fashion! Once again, at a point I wanted to be a fashion designer. Damn, I really have a majority of career options. I’ll be honest, I had no idea Fashion Illustration was even a thing. Yes I am aware of the sketches, but that’s it. Now i’m upset with not knowing about this any sooner, but I am glad that I recently learned about it. So, what sector of illustration will I enjoy the most? I’m going with fashion illustration.

It’s a perfect combination! Illustration, fashion, I love it! Every fashion company needs a fashion illustrator. And each company has their own style. Even though following a trend will sell more, a fashion illustrator should still create something new and original. It’s a challenging job, but the fact that an outfit will most likely come to life means it’ll be worth it to me.




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