The article

When I found out that one of my projects for Digital publication was to create a magazine article, I was unsure of what to really expect. I’m not familiar with using InDesign, but after one day of using it, it became easy to use. I know it’s only week 2 of this course, but I get the feeling that this project will be the most fun.

My previous work

I am looking forward to sharing my previous creations with the students. I’m not trying to be conceded, but I am proud of my work and would love to share it with others. I hope to share the abstract side of my creations. And by doing that I will be adding necessary colors to unite with the magazine. So far, I’m proud of how well the images and layout are working well together.


I did not get a chance to ever present my first project, but I will do my best when presenting my second project. Even though the day has not come already, I’m pretty confident on how I will present my work. If I’m truly proud of something, my confidence is high. Definitely looking forward to the day.


Gaining Confidence in Design

Joining intro

I started my major course on August 2016. I still remember how I felt, excited! I ¬†joined the class the same time as two other individuals, Hannah and Macayla. But also in the class there were a couple more students who have been there for months. Me not knowing anyone made me nervous. It got to the presentations where I got even more nervous! The first time standing in front of others made my stomach hurt. I didn’t know what to say or how to even present myself. Not only that, but I was not ready for the critiquing. Even so, I got through it. Or more like i’m used to it, and i’m acceptable of what others have to say.


It is because of my classmates’ critiques that I was able to grow as a designer. I learned that not everyone will give positive feedback, and they will give you better suggestions. After the months, I even started to critique more myself to help my classmates. We’re here to improve ourselves, but at the same time help others. That is why as time passes by, it’s not just me, but everyone’s presentations are getting better.

Ending it

I want to end my major with a better character. One of my mistakes a few months ago was that I let my personal life interfere. I have two months left. I know that i’m a great designer, which is why I must show it. I am ready for what’s left to come and show my classmates my future creations. Compared to day one, I’m more confident. All I want now is for my instructors to soon see it.