The article

When I found out that one of my projects for Digital publication was to create a magazine article, I was unsure of what to really expect. I’m not familiar with using InDesign, but after one day of using it, it became easy to use. I know it’s only week 2 of this course, but I get the feeling that this project will be the most fun.

My previous work

I am looking forward to sharing my previous creations with the students. I’m not trying to be conceded, but I am proud of my work and would love to share it with others. I hope to share the abstract side of my creations. And by doing that I will be adding necessary colors to unite with the magazine. So far, I’m proud of how well the images and layout are working well together.


I did not get a chance to ever present my first project, but I will do my best when presenting my second project. Even though the day has not come already, I’m pretty confident on how I will present my work. If I’m truly proud of something, my confidence is high. Definitely looking forward to the day.

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