New things along the way

Dumb Assumptions.

For the third week of this course, we are learning how to animate. Knowing about this ahead of time, I was worried that it would be difficult to learn. Mr. Williams, like always, showed us the basics of animation before we could start learning on our own. After his lecture, I sat in front of the computer not knowing what to do. I then created a shape, and played around with the timeline on the bottom of the screen. I managed to get simple movements, but wanted to learn how to do more. Mr. Williams showed me how to add key frames and edit them in the timeline found in the window. After seeing him create motions up close, I had a better understanding on how to work in the timeline.


Slowly getting there

I spent the remaining of the day creating different animations. By practicing I was able to get a better understanding on how the time is important. I also learned how to change the color, rotate an object, and change the size. I do not have a clear understanding on how those things exactly work, but being able to learn this in one day makes me happy. Unlike the previous weeks, 3D has somewhat grown on me. Since I have a good understanding of what I’ll be dealing with, I have an idea on what type of animation to add to my scene. There’s still more to learn, and I look forward to what Mr. Williams has to share. I am just glad that my work is slowly getting better, and with after the animation is added, I know that I will be satisfied with my completed project.


Ideas at the last minute

First troubles

I’ve never created a 3D object before on a computer until 2 weeks ago. At first, I was excited, but was confused on how to use Cinema 4d lite. My first mistake was that I wanted to model a human. I could’ve gotten creative, and create my own unique character, but nothing came to mind at the time. Nothing but frustration built during the first day, because my figure did not look close to a human. I gave up and went for something more simple, an egg. I was disappointed with my last minute decision that day.


My Character

The next day at class, I practiced perfecting the egg shape. This helped me get a better understanding on how to work with deformers. Even though an egg is a simple creation, I did struggle a bit to give him the remaining body parts. The eyes were the most complicated. Luckily for me, I was able to create a decent looking Egg Man, but I was yet not satisfied.



The next step after creating a model, we had to create a scene. At first I had nothing in mind. All I really did was add a sky and a landscape. Because I was still unsure about what I wanted, I was practicing creating backgrounds. After adding texture to the landscape, it hit me. The character was already an original because it didn’t exist anywhere else, so why not create it’s own story? I added more eggs to the scene, and made my Egg man more superior. By doing that, I decided to create a scene where he was being abducted. But why was he abducted? Because him and the remaining eggs are from Planet egg, and the time finally came where humans needed eggs. It doesn’t have to make sense, but anything can happen in the 3D realm.

Is 3D for me?

Two Courses

I have a great interest in art, that is why I decided to take two different art courses during my freshmen year. Going into high school allowed me to have a variety of courses to choose from. Yet, I decided to stick to one subject. I took Draw/Paint and 3D art. Both classes were fun and I met interesting people, but the amount of effort I put into the work differed. I grew up drawing, that is why I would always challenge myself in my Draw/Paint course hoping to improve my skills. If I felt like I didn’t get enough finished in class, I would continue drawing during my free time. I could have chosen a simple drawing to get my work done with, but I don’t like simple drawings. Every detail had to be perfect for me, and I would draw for extra hours to create a great piece. In my 3D class, I am not proud to admit that I slacked off. At first, I thought that maybe it was because of the people around me, but the thing about me is that I was sociable in both classes. Looking back now, the assignments were not difficult, if anything they were more simple compared to the other class. 3D was just not for me. I did enjoy the work, but I did not challenge myself as much. Is that because it was my first time?


Going back

I decided to go back into a 3D course during my senior year, because that particular course was the only art course that fitted in my schedule. I was supposed to be in AP 3D art, but I chickened out. I did enjoy it a lot more this time, because we got to work with clay more. I can’t help but also notice that my attitude towards the course changed. I tried, and I can see why I didn’t try as much during my first time. Creating a 3D object is difficult! Also, it is very time consuming. I loved messing around with clay, but I did not have plenty of time to work on my project. Only thirty minutes were used for constructing, that’s not enough time! The extra twenty minutes were spent on creating ideas on how things can work together and cleaning.  Towards the end of the year, my laid back teacher gave us the option to create our own sculptures. That’s when my creativity came in handy. I created more abstract sculptures that you wouldn’t see in nature. This helped put my mind at ease because I didn’t stress about creating replicas. I enjoy creating my own work, that is why I always preferred drawing over sculpting.


3D Modeling today

Months after graduating and being a student at Keiser, I am finally taking another 3D course. Only this time it’s on the computer. Yes, I was excited, but the first week was hard because it’s a new software. Then again, I can’t expect everything to be easy. Our first assignment was to create our own character. Now, what I regret was that I decided to create a human. I spent hours trying to find ways on how my figure can look close to an actual person, when I could’ve gotten creative instead and create my own unrealistic character. I changed my decision and went for something “simple” and Egg man. Silly me thought that it would be easy, but it was not. But I stuck with the character this time, and did what I could to create a decent character. After two more days of working on it, I was able to add more to my character and even create a weird story for him. What makes me happy about all this now is that it is completely original. If I thought about the idea in the first place, I would’ve had time to upgrade things a bit. My mistake made me realize that the reason I never got into 3D at first is because I’m used to drawing humans. I’m only good at drawing them… Yet, when it comes to creating objects in 3D, I’m better off creating something that isn’t found in nature. Now that I am aware of that, I am hoping to make the time to create more unrealistic 3D objects and improve my skills.