My love for Photography

The memories

Early 2000’s I’m sure lots of people owned cameras, because it was better than taking pictures from a flip phone. My mom loved taking pictures. That she even had an album. I was only like seven when I wanted to own a camera. I remember back then that for every field trip, I had to have a camera. So I did. I wanted to capture the fun memories and have them saved in my album. That’s how it started. As a kid, I knew that I loved taking pictures, but never thought of it as a career. I only took pictures because it made me happy, still does to this day.

It is art

I found out about photoshop in 2010. It amazed me how images could be edited like that. Every little edit amazed me. That I even wanted to photoshop images of my own. Then I did in 2014. I never had an idea of what kind of editing I wanted to do, I just let my hands do the magic. It got to the point where I started getting creative with my images. Most of my images were…..unreal. I was satisfied with the results. And receiving comments like “How did you do that?!” or “That’s so cool!” made me want to keep going, and do better. Even to this day, I use photoshop.


Having control of a camera means that I get to choose what I take a picture of, it means that I pick the angles, the lighting, close-ups, etc. And once it’s done, I’m in control of the editing. Each image does have a story behind it. That does not necessarily mean that the meaning is deep, but there’s something to it. Or if I choose to create a story to an edited image, I can! Photography is so much more than a click of a button, it is a form of art. And each image is different, taken from a different person.


Joining AP

My summer

After finding out that the art teacher at Fort Meade High school wanted me to join her AP 2D course towards the end of my sophomore year, I couldn’t help but feel excited to take a challenging art class. Summer 2014, all I could focus on was taking decent pictures for the upcoming class. Good thing I travelled a lot during this summer. I took pictures of great sceneries. I remember taking pictures of waterfalls, lakes, rocks, mountains, donkeys, flowers, delicious food, people, and I even took macro shots of smaller objects. I love photography, that’s why I enjoyed every moment. Thinking about it now, I am glad that it wasn’t something to stress about. If anything, these were my happy moments. And for the first time, I was looking forward to return to school.


AP 14Ms. Bellflower, had two classes at once. The Ap course, and her regular. The thing was, the AP students were left in the AP room to learn on their own. That doesn’t mean she didn’t help us. She did guide us and would help out whenever the help was needed, but we did have to learn how to use photoshop on our own. I’ll be honest, my practice attempts were terrible…. But after playing around with the program, the tools started making sense to me. Before editing, I never had a creation in mind. All I would do is look through my images, open one, and then edit. Nothing in mind, until I later edited I would come up with an awesome idea for the image. The best thing about the first semester, was that I could create whatever I desired. So, I did. I had countless images, and I would even go back to my previous edits to see a difference in my skill. Second semester, I was finally given a topic for my images. First month… did not go so well. My mind went blank, for I did not know how to combine quotes with imagery. Therefore I decided to over exaggerate with my editing. My first edit, was something I felt accomplished of. I did exactly what I set my mind to do, which was to over exaggerate. After that. everything became slightly simpler, yet I still managed to challenge myself as time went by.

The testing

The AP test was to submit 24 pieces. Even though I had enough pieces to submit, I began to question if they’ll be good enough. The last two weeks before submitting my work, I went back through all my images, edited those that needed to be edited, created more, and finally came up with my decision. This test felt more important to me than any other tests going on at the time. I guess that’s because I was feeling anxious of the critiquing. I received my scores the last week of school. My scores had me jumping of happiness. I felt accomplished, I shared the news with my parents, friends, and other teachers. What I worked for all year turned out to be success. It’s a test, nothing too special. But to succeed in something you love doing, just builds you up. That’s why I’m still pushing myself. I even started college as soon as possible to continue doing what I enjoy, but at the same time I want to face new challenges.